Visit this webpage for the latest Greengate project news and updates. If you have questions, email Senior Planner Barry Cram or call 214.509.4181.

For Non-HOA neighborhoods, the City recognizes there is no formal structure or funding mechanism to maintain shared spaces. Through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, City Council has approved funding for the repair or replacement of screening walls and entry features. For 2023, we have initiated this program for Greengate neighborhood focusing on screening wall and entryway enhancements.

Throughout this process, residents will have several ways to participate in the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. We want this project to be the best it can be! So as we begin, we need your (1) input regarding project enhancement options and (2) involvement on key days and events. Please consider: 

  1. Attending the neighborhood public meeting
  2. Serving on the Enhancement Project Steering Committee
  3. Volunteering to help organize your neighborhood workday
  4. Helping plan Greengate’s Block Party in fall 2023

Greengate Neighborhood Survey

While the Department is currently focused on improving the entryway features located at South Allen Heights Drive and Edelweiss Drive, the information collected from this survey will assist in planning and budgeting for future neighborhood projects.

Projected Timeline

Below is the project timeline and expected action items associated with the process. 

Step OneNeighborhood meeting to collect feedback from residents: Thursday, April 27 from 6:30-8 p.m. at Story Elementary School Cafeteria, 1550 Edelweiss Drive, Allen, TX 75002
Step TwoCity and Resident Committee finalize scope of project
Step ThreeOrganize workday(s) for neighborhood residents
Step FourCity coordinates implementation of City improvements
Step FiveBlock Party celebrating project completion in late fall 2023!

Map of the Greengate neighborhood project area