Allen Headlines

Aerial photo of Allen water tower with sun shining above

  1. Council Meeting Recap: New utility rates, board appointments, more entertainment coming to Allen

    Allen City Council met on Tuesday, Sept. 27. Read on for the highlights and approved projects.
  2. TxDOT: Ridgeview Drive overpass at US-75 closing on Oct. 3

    The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will close Ridgeview Drive at US-75 (Central Expressway) for reconstruction. The closure begins on Monday, Oct. 3 and will remain in place for 20-24 months.
  3. Allen's bright economic future is in the spotlight

    Upcoming Allen projects and developments were highlighted at the recent annual broker's event.
  4. Front entrance closed to Municipal Court

    Due to construction, the main entrance of the Municipal Court and Parks & Recreation Administration Building is closed through Oct. 15. Parking is available south of the building.
  5. Fight the Bite: Mosquito control resources

    Mosquito control is a year-round effort! The best way to prevent mosquitoes and bites is to get rid of stagnant water, which is a common breeding ground.

Two young girls wearing LED necklaces at Allen USA event smiling at the camera

  1. Public parking temporarily closed at Municipal Court/Parks and Recreation Building

    Due to construction, the main entrance of the Municipal Court and Parks & Recreation Administration Building is closed through Oct. 15. Parking is available south of the building near the flag poles adjacent to the City Hall entry stairs.
  2. Trail Closure: Rowlett Trail, north of West Exchange at SH 121

    Beginning Aug. 29, the portion of Rowlett Trail connecting Allen to McKinney is closed to the public for approximately two months. This closure is needed for the NTTA's erosion mitigation project where Rowlett Creek crosses under SH 121.
  3. Allen is planning its first public dog park

    Plans are moving along for a new dog park at Jupiter Park. Once a bid is approved, construction is expected to take 9 to 12 months with expected opening in spring 2023.

Young child reads a book while sitting on the floor of an aisle in the library

  1. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

    Hispanic Heritage Month takes place from September 15 to October 15 every year as a time to recognize and celebrate the many contributions, diverse cultures, and extensive history of the American Latino community. Read on...
  2. Changes to Study Room Usage Effective September 6

    Are you a study room user? Find out more about upcoming changes. Read on...

Allen firefighter helps a youg girl try on his bunker jacket outside the fire station

  1. College Campus Fire Safety

    Did you know roughly six out of seven fires in dormitories are started by cooking? Empower your college student with these everyday tips to ensure they're living in a fire-safe environment.
  2. Fire prevention and safety with Allen Fire Department

    Fire prevention for the holidays! Learn about basic fire prevention and more in these new safety videos featuring Allen firefighters.
  3. Poison control resources from NCPC

    One poison exposure is reported to U.S. poison control every 15 seconds. While children age 6 and younger make up a majority of cases, poisoning affects all ages. Do your part to reduce unnecessary ER visits by staying prepared.
  4. Life safety and fire safety resources from NFPA

    Safety and preparedness are important topics for the entire family. Browse a library full of educational tools and tips from National Fire Protection Association.
  5. Allen Fire Station 6: Project and Construction Updates

Allen motorcycle offers lined up and smiling for camera

  1. Support Allen's shelter animals with Donorbox!

    Looking for a way to support Allen's animals in need? Send a secure donation using Donorbox! Your donations help provide urgent and long-term medical care, as well as fund special projects at the shelter to keep our animals comfortable.
  2. Join our force - now offering lateral entry!

    We're one of the few departments in Dallas Fort-Worth with a lateral entry program for officers with prior experience.
  3. Urban wildlife in Allen

    Allen is home to a variety of wildlife. Read our top questions on urban wildlife including ways to protect your pets and educate your family.

Water dripping from faucet

  1. Save water (and money!) by repairing broken sprinkler heads

    A single broken sprinkler head can waste 25,000 gallons of water in six months! Luckily, repairing damaged sprinkler heads is a quick D-I-Y project. Watch this 60-second video to learn how it's done.