STEM Kits (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are available for one-week checkouts. Pick up and return your kit at the Children's Desk, limit one kit per card.

Choose a kit from one of four age categories:
  • Age 3+
  • Age 5+
  • Age 8+
  • Age 11+


Band in a Box

  • Enjoy a host of musical instruments.


  • Code how this caterpillar moves by changing the dial on each segment.
  • Learn colors, shapes, early math and coding with this colorful robot.


  • Use magnetic building blocks to build and design.
  • Link up magnetic shapes to build and create!
  • Code Cubetto to navigate through mazes while reading a story.

Straws & Connectors

  • Connect straws to build large structures.
  • Use wooden pieces to create a railroad track, then run your trains through!

STEM - Ages 3



  • Blue-Bot is a programmable floor robot that can remember up to 40 steps!
  • Botley is a programmable floor robot that can remember up to 150 steps!

Cubelets Curiosity Set

  • Explore robotics with these modular interlocking blocks.

KEVA Planks

  • Build just about anything with these versatile wooden planks!


  • Decorate, build and code KIBO to do everything from a puppet show to a car race.


  • Build whatever you can imagine with these classic blocks.

Money Activity Set

  • Learn math and money with a cash register and activity cards.

Plugo Tunes

  • Attach your phone or tablet to this keyboard to learn the basics of playing the piano.


  • Connect straws to build complex structures.

Time Activity Set

  • Learn about telling time with fun activities and clocks.

STEM - Ages 5



  • Code Artie3000 to draw! Several images are already pre-programmed.


  • Code Dash to sing, dance or move around. Included are attachments to turn Dash into a catapult and more!


  • Use plastic rods and connectors to build just about anything you can imagine!


  • Snap together bits to learn about circuits and engineering. 


  • Make coding fun with this invention kit that tricks your computer into thinking that almost anything is a keyboard.

Snap Circuits

  • Learn about circuits and electricity with easy snap-in-place modular parts.
  • Build mazes, obstacles and towers then code Sphero to navigate through them all!

STEM - Ages 8

AGES 11+

Cue Blaster

  • Code Cue to sing, dance, move and launch foam darts. 

STEM - Ages 11