Special Events and Temporary Uses

Temporary event/use permits are required for seasonal or temporary events such as parking lot sales, sporting/religious events; seasonal sales including firewood, plants, and Christmas trees; carnivals, circuses, fairgrounds and food truck sites.

The permits are also required for temporary uses or buildings such as construction offices, real estate sales offices, church/school accessory buildings, concrete batch plants and helistops.

How to Apply

At least 14 days prior to the event, submit the following:
The application must be signed by the property owner or business holding the event. Applicants are limited to two special/temporary events per year.


If the event includes a tent, you must specify the size on your application.
  • If an enclosed tent is over 200 square feet, it must be fire retardant certified (certificate required)
  • If the tent canopy (cover) is over 400 square feet, it must be fire retardant certified (certificate required)


Special event permits cost $100. This fee is waived for all charitable, religious, educational and public service organizations. The organization must submit the application and operate the event for the fee to be waived.